Brooklyn based artist Edwin Chavez was born in Ecuador, and moved  with his family to the United States in 2005.  From an early age drawing provided an escape from the hardship of cultural integration, as well as an outlet to explore his growing interest in esotericism.  

In 2014 he graduated from Hostos Community College with a minor in Digital Design and Animation.  It was at Hostos that he met professor Andy London, his mentor and friend who  encouraged him to submit his animation “Wandering Eye” to a variety of animation festivals around the world. “Wandering Eye”premiered at Dumb-D International Film Festival, was nominated for Best Animation at the Woodstock Film Festival, and won Best Animated Film at CUNY’s 2016 Film festival. It continues to screen internationally.Edwin maintained a strong commitment to drawing and hand made work throughout the success and recognition he was receiving for his animations.  In 2016 Edwin graduated from The City College Of New York, with a BFA in Electronic Design and Multimedia.  

Post-graduation Edwin began to work on his own brand “Secret Creature”, which includes sculpted wearable art in the form of pins and jewelry as well as prints, stickers and magnets.  This project became his primary label, sold in the streets of NYC and the subway system.  Edwin connects with everyday people to share his experiences of visions with energetic entities, which he believes live among our plane and nearby frequencies.  His introspective self-portraits are filled with patterned backgrounds, sacred geometry,and twisting realities with a psychedelic palette.

Edwin is currently applying to Master’s programs in Art Management.  He continues to stay connected to his local art community in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, developing his brand and collaborating with other artists.